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  The new ServoCam® Ultraturn DL combines the versatility of CNC controls with the speed and reliability of Brown & Sharpe #2 or #3 Ultramatics. Using AMT's patented technology to upgrade your machine results in most jobs running up to 30% faster than with custom cams.  




NEW ServoCam® UltraTurn DL

The ServoCam® UltraTurn™ DL utilizes patented AMT CyberNet technology to precisely synchronize the CNC turret-slide and cross-slide brushless servomotor actuators. As a result, most jobs run at least 10% to 30% faster than with custom cams. Upgraded machines also operate with Cpks that are from 3 to 5 times greater than conventional cam-operated machines.

The touchscreen-based flat-panel color HMI provides machine control and information at your fingertips. Edit tool feeds and spindle speeds at the machine using the touch screen. Background editing and on-machine programming are supported.

Programming is intuitive -- if you know what tools you need in the turret, you can design a part cycle. Machine setup is faster and easier. You have the flexibility to modify part cycles in minutes. And production costs are typically reduced by 20% or more.


Key Product Features and Benefits

Intuitive ServoCam® Designer Software

   Design part cycles in minutes

Touchscreen-based HMI

   Ease of operation and improved process monitoring

CNC Control

   Precise tool control eliminates threading problems

Full 6.8 inch Turret Stroke

   Easily Run Longer Parts

High-Speed Operation

   10% to 30% faster than custom cams

Numeric Tool Adjustment

   Tool lengths set to 0.0001" in seconds

Reduced Setup Time

  Increases your net production hours



More about this product

To learn more about this product, click here to download the ServoCam® UltraTurn™ DL product specification sheet (.pdf).



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