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  The ServoCam® AT1000 AutoTripperTM system replaces the trip dogs on your screw machine with electro-pneumatic actuators.  



xlServoCam® AutoTripperTM

When the ServoCam® AutoTripperTM is installed on your machine, the ServoCam® Designer software includes the trip points for the tool-turret indexer, the feeder/chucker, the spindle clutch, and the base clutch (for 4-speed screw machines), as well as the extend- and retract-points for the part deflector. Like the ServoCam® turret-slide actuator, all AutoTripperTM operations are precisely synchronized with the screw-machine camshaft. The feeder/chucker can be turned on and off with an operator switch, and other AutoTripperTM functions can be disabled from the controller keypad.

When the ServoCam® controller determines that the camshaft has reached a trip point, it sends a command to the AutoTripperTM control board which in turn sends an actuation signal to the appropriate device. For the base clutch of 4-speed machines, the actuation device is simply a relay that replaces the standard sequencing relay. For all other AutoTripperTM functions, the actuation devices are pneumatic valve- and-cylinder systems. The pneumatic cylinders operate the individual tripper mechanisms and the part deflector.

The AutoTripperTM pneumatic subsystem is supplied from clean shop air. To ensure consistent actuation timing, a pressure regulator and a pressure switch are included. The ServoCam® controller will halt the screw machine if the supply pressure falls below the minimum operating pressure. Electrical power is supplied from the ServoCam® controller.


Key Product Features

Computer control of turret indexing, feeder/chucker operation, spindle clutch, base clutch, and part deflector
  Reduced cycle times with precise trip points
  Reduced chips in parts bin with precise deflector timing

Computer-aided timing optimization using the ServoCam® Designer software
  Reduced machine setup time
  Faster modification and optimizing of part cycles
  Achieve 100% timing consistency on repeat setups


More about this product

To learn more about the ServoCam® AutoTripperTM, click here to download the product specification sheet (.pdf).


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