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Industry Overview

The U.S. automobile manufacturing industry includes about 160 companies and the heavy truck/bus assembly industry includes another 80 companies. These companies are supported by hundreds of parts and sub-assembly manufacturers. The profitability of individual companies in these industries depends on manufacturing efficiency and product quality. As a result, these industries are among the most highly automated in terms of manufacturing processes.

The automotive/truck parts industries are further broken down into two sectors: original equipment suppliers and aftermarket suppliers. Original equipment suppliers provide parts directly to the manufacturers while aftermarket suppliers provide parts exclusively to the replacement parts market.

The massive size of these industries and the diverse nature of parts required to produce a car, truck or bus requires the support of many other major U.S. industries such as the plastics and rubber industry and the electronic components industry. Approximately one third to one half of all screw machine parts produced in the United States are used in the assembly of automobiles, trucks and buses or other segments of these industries.

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