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The Lico LNT-D and LNT-S CNCs are powerful additions to the AMT family of high-performace screw machines with advanced machining capabilities to manufacture complex parts typically requiring multiple secondary operations.




LICO, a leading manufacturer of automatic lathes, offers several all-new automatic bar machines. They are truly high production Multi-slide Automatic Lathes, combining the advantages of cam operated automatics and modern CNC multi-axis control technology. The LNT-D and LNT-S Series are equipped with a Siemens 840D control, providing fast set up and easy operation for experienced and non-experienced operators.


LNT-D Series


  • 32, 42, 52, 65 mm Round

Siemens 840D Multi-Axis CNC

  • Econo 8-position Turret on X5Z5 Slide
  • Additional X1Z1, X2Z2, X3Z3, X4Z4 Slides
  • Multiple tools operate simultaneously



High Speed, High Precision Indexing Turret

The 8-position tool turret ensures high repeated positioning accuracy and rigidity. Rapid indexing time from 0.4 sec. to 1.2 sec, the tool disc has a built-in coolant nozzle that is directed straight to the tool tips.




Four Compound Slides

Four compound slides permit longitudinal turning, complex contouring, thread chasing, by simple carbide inserted tools for O. D. work as well as drilling, boring, threading, recessing and tapping for I. D. conventional form tool can be used.


          Click here to view the Lico LNT-D video library.          Click here to download the Lico LNT-D product brochure.





LNT-S Series

The LNT-S Multi-slide Automatics provide highly productive turning operation

Innovative Lico CNC Automatics include three to four compound cross slides and one all-tool-driven 8-position turret which are fully CNC controlled. It provides amazing production output, and is unmatched compared to cam-operated automatics and coventional CNC lathes.


  • 32, 42, 52, 65 mm Round

Siemens 840D Multi-Axis CNC

  • 8-position All Live Tools Turret on X5Z5
  • Sub-Spindle POD
  • 4-Back Machining tools
  • Additional X1Z1, X2Z2, X3Z3, X4Z4 Slides




Back Machining

The Pick Off Device with collet mounted on the turret, actuated by a hydraulic system, is servo driven synchronously with the main spindle while catching the work piece and performing the cut off operations.

After indexing to the opposite direction, the workpiece is ready for back machining.

The back machining tool platform allows for mounting up to 4 gang tool holders or up to 3 live tool holders.





           Click here to view the Lico LNT-S video library

      Click here to download the Lico LNT-S product brochure.


The LNT-S Series has four Compound Slides and Built-in

Back Machining Tool Platform


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