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The ServoCam® UltraTurnTM XL turning machine is a new CNC screw machine built using state of the art CyberNetTM-based controls, servos and motors instead of cams and gears.

UltraTurn XLServoCam® UltraTurnTMXL

The new ServoCam® UltraTurnTM XL is a new CNC-based single-spindle screw machine. The system includes on-machine programming, a safety-latched enclosure, servo-controlled turret indexing, and is available with or without a transmission. The ServoCam® UltraTurnTM XL system provides full CNC control of all the slides and the spindle for unrivaled productivity and ease of use.

The ServoCam® UltraTurnTM XL is the first production use of the CyberNetTM control system. Benefits include reduced cabling and connectors, a smaller control enclosure, extensive diagnostic capabilities, and simplified programming.

CyberNetTM controls include a CAM package for easy programming of simultaneous cutting operations, with no complicated program codes required. A graphical timeline interface provides programming control and visual confirmation of overlapped axes, ensuring that no interference occurs. With its virtually unlimited axis-control capability, the CyberNetTM system is ideal for high-volume precision production equipment.

Click here to view the ServoCam® UltraTurn™ XL Operation Video.



Servo Turret Indexing
The Geneva mechanism and most of the turret change apparatus on a conventional turning machine are replaced with a servo-controlled turret which enables high-speed bi-directional indexing with access to any tool on an 8-hole turret in under 1/2 second.

Single-Ratio Transmission
The new spindle drive eliminates all spindle clutches as well as the entire transmission. This results in very fast and highly accurate spindle indexing and tapping.

Click here to download the dimensional drawing for the UltraTurn™ XL (.pdf).



HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
A 15-inch touchscreen flat-panel color HMI is used for machine control and to provide information on the operation of the machine. Machine programming and editing of speeds and feeds are done locally.

ServoCam® Designer Software
Programming the machine is accomplished using our highly successful and easy-to-use ServoCam® Designer software which utilizes a simple dialogue-based method for setting up all necessary machine parameters.

Click here to download the ServoCam® UltraTurn™ XL product specification sheet (.pdf).

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